Principal Investigator:

Borich_bwDr. Michael R. Borich, DPT, PhD

michael.borich AT


Emory University

wolf_headshotDr. Steve L Wolf, PhD, PT, FAPTA, FAHA

kesar_headshotDr. Trisha Kesar, PT, PhD

sabatier_headshotDr. Manning Sabatier, PhD

University of British Columbia

sabatier_headshotDr. Lara Boyd, PT, PhD

virjibabul_headshotDr. Naznin Virji-Babul, PT, PhD

University of Minnesota

kimberley_headshotDr. Teresa Kimberley, PT, PhD

Georgia Institute of Technology

wheaton_headshotDr. Louis Wheaton, PhD

ting_headshotDr. Lena Ting, PhD

ShellaDr. Shella Keiholz

University of California-San Diego

makieg_headshotDr. Scott Makieg, PhD

miyakoshi_headshotDr. Makoto Miyakoshi, PhD

Trainees and Research Staff:

JackieJackie Palmer, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, American Heart Association

Background and Research Interests: Dr. Palmer completed a dual doctoral degree program with a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and PhD in Biomechanics and Movement Sciences from the University of Delaware in May 2016. Her primary research interests involve the neural correlates of human movement patterns, particularly human ambulation,  and motor learning in health and disease. Her primary research project in the NPRL uses synergistic TMS-EEG measures to understand the underlying neural mechanisms of walking dysfunction in stroke survivors.

ErinErin King, Graduate Student, Neuroscience Graduate Program, Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Emory University

Background and Research Interests: Erin received her BS with majors in Biology and Psychology and a minor in Chemistry from The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. During her time as an undergraduate, she used EEG to study the effects of prenatal nicotine exposure on sensory processing in infants. After graduation, she spent a year as a Post-Baccalaureate Research Fellow at the Duke-UNC Brain Imaging and Analysis Center examining the interaction of stress and working memory capacity in adolescents at risk for developing schizophrenia. Erin is currently pursuing her PhD in the Neuroscience Graduate Program within the Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences at Emory University. She is interested in using neuroimaging techniques to study neural structure and function following stroke or neurodegenerative disease.

Alex_webAlex Chen, Undergraduate Student (Chemical Engineering), PURA recipient Georgia Tech

Arsh_webArsh Momin, Undergraduate Student (Computer Science), PURA recipient, Georgia Tech

Cassie_webCassie Fierro, Undergraduate Student (Neuroscience, Behavioral Biology), SIRE and SURE awardee Emory University

Rick Saha, Undergraduate Student, PURA recipient, Georgia Tech

Alice Halter, Undergraduate Student, Emory University

NPRL alumni

WhitneyWhitney Gray, NIH StrokeNet Fellow, Georgia StrokeNet Regional Coordinating Center

DevDev Mandavia, Undergraduate Student, Georgia Tech

KanchiKanchi Patel, Undergraduate Student, Georgia Tech

AanandAanand Patel, Undergraduate Student (Neuroscience), Emory University

TimTimothy Lee, Undergraduate Student (Neuroscience), Emory University

Puneeth Guruprasad, Undergraduate Student, Georgia Tech

Layla Darian, Undergraduate Student (Business, Pre-PT), Georgia Tech

ChrisK_photoChris Kontoghiorghes, Undegraduate Student (Chemistry), Emory University

Eric Oetter, DPT Student, Emory University

Benjamin Chong, Volunteer

Sumi_photoSumi Sato, DPT Student, Emory University

Aditya_webAditya Santoki, Intern, Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology

Wallace_imageColby Wallace, DPT Student, Emory University