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Integrating Sensorimotor Plasticity Interventions & Recovery

The purpose of this lab is to study neural mechanisms underlying the control of movement and posture in persons with neuromotor deficits such as stroke and spinal cord injury. We conduct clinical studies to improve our knowledge of the neural structure and functions contributing to motor impairments and critically examine therapeutic interventions that may restore function. These goals motivate our ongoing research projects, which are described below.


Neural plasticity following CNS injury

How do we harness the molecular machinery of plasticity and restore motor function after central nervous system injury (e.g., spinal cord injury or stroke)?

Neural regulation of multijoint coordination

How does the neuromotor system regulate our limb mechanics when we interact with our environment?

Quantify neural contributions to multijoint coordination

Quantifying altered limb impedance after CNS injury

Quantify reflex contributions to limb function after CNS injury