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Principal Investigators

Dizziness and Balance Center

Research Mission

Research at the Dizziness and Balance Center is directed at developing better methods of identifying vestibular disorders and at improving treatment of those patients. Clinical research in these problems is base at the Center for Rehabilitation. Current projects include: Determining the effectiveness of physical therapy for patients with unilateral and bilateral vestibular loss; early identification of vestibular loss in patients that are receiving ototoxic medications; development of a new method for assessing visual acuity during head movement in patients with vestibular loss; decreasing the risk for falls in patients with balance problems, and development of new methods of diagnosing vestibular deficits.






  • Susan Herdman, PT, PhD
  • Ronald Tusa, MD, PhD
  • Sharon Polensek, MD, PhD
  • Lisa Gillig, PT, DPT

Current Projects

  • Determine the effectiveness of physical therapy for patients with vestibular loss
  • Establish the utility of dynamic visual acuity in following patient with vestibular deficits
  • Determine the neural mechanisms of recover of vision
  • Determining the effect of combined vestibular loss and cognitive impairment on fall risk
  • Determine the effectiveness of vestibular rehabilitation on recovery of imbalance in people with dizziness of non-vestibular etiology
  • Development of targeted physical therapy interventions for problems associated with essential tremor, brainstem stroke and degenerative cerebellar disease.

Continuing Education

Information Coming Soon.



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