Anna McCrate, MD

Emory University Department of Rehabilitation Medicine


  • BS, University of Dayton, 2010
  • MD, University of Cincinnati, 2014
  • Transitional Year Internship, Kettering Medical Center, 2015


Kettering, Ohio

Professional Interests

  • Pediatrics
  • Pain

Future Plans

  • Inpatient rehab, possibly peds


  • University of Dayton Sigma Xi Research Society Undergraduate Student Researcher of the Year, 2010
  • The P.K. Bajpai Undergraduate Research Award, 2010
  • University of Dayton Joseph E. Scherger M.D, M.Ph. Leadership in Medicine Award, 2010
  • Carl Michaelis Scholarship for Premedical Students, 2009


  • American Medical Association


  • Water skiing
  • Hiking
  • Swimming


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