Sample rotation schedule:








Sample Resident PGY-2

Shepherd SCI 1

Shepherd ABI

ERH: General Rehab 1

Wesley Woods

ERH: Stroke

ERH: General Rehab 2








Sample Resident PGY-3

Grady Consults

Grady EMG

VA 1

ERH senior rotation


Shepherd SCI








Sample Resident PGY-4



Spine/ EMG

VA med rehab



Rotation Descriptions:


Shepherd SCI 1: Inpatient spinal cord rotation at the Shepherd Center

Shepherd ABI: Inpatient brain injury rotation at the Shepherd Center

ERH General Rehab 1+2: Inpatient general rehab including multi-trauma, spinal cord injury, medically debilitated (amputees, transplant, cancer, etc.)

Wesley Woods: Skilled nursing facility PM&R consult service

  • Includes Prosthetics & Orthotics clinic, Cardiac Rehab clinic, Sports clinic, Spine clinic on certain half-days

ERH Stroke: Inpatient brain injury and stroke rotation at Emory Rehab Hospital


Grady Consults: Consult service at Grady Hospital (level I trauma center for all of metro Atlanta) focusing on the acute rehab needs of TBI, SCI, multi-trauma, and stroke.

Grady EMG: Outpatient EMG rotation at Grady Hospital

VA1: Outpatient MSK, EMG, and amputation clinics

ERH Senior Rotation: Inpatient: Senior inpatient rotation at Emory Rehab Hospital focusing more on billing and administrative roles of inpatient rehab physicians

Pediatrics: One month of Inpatient and one month of outpatient at Children’s Hospital of Atlanta (Scottish Rite campus).

Shepherd SCI 2: Inpatient: Advanced inpatient spinal cord rotation at the Shepherd Center.


Sports medicine: Outpatient: Work with Dr. Ken Mautner at the Emory Sports Medicine Complex, home to the Atlanta Hawks. Exposure to orthobiologic procedures, high level ultrasound guided diagnostics and procedures (including MicroKnife SX, Tenex, bone marrow aspiration, Lipogems). Opportunity to evaluate both acute and chronic sports medicine injuries from professional athletes to older, active patients.

VA2: Outpatient: Continued exposure with greater independence for EMGs, musculoskeletal medicine, spine evaluations, spinal, and appendicular injections with and without ultrasound guidance.

Spine/EMG:  Outpatient: Spine evaluations and interventional procedures. Both clinics with EMGs and procedure days.

VA Med Rehab: Outpatient: Mixture of interventional spine procedures, radiology review with neuroradiology, EMGs, and rheumatology clinic.

Elective: Very flexible and can include research and/or any clinical activity within any department at Emory.

Spine/Pain: Outpatient: Continued exposure to high-level interventional pain evaluations and procedures.